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About us

We do quartz coating to improve industrial processes

SiOx is a Danish technology company that enables fused quartz coating of metal based on it’s patented, unique NANOmel® Technology. The thin film provides a dense and flexible glass-on-metal coating. The coating effectively prevents scaling and protects the metal from corrosion while at the same time being a barrier that prevents unwanted interaction between the metal and the agent/environment. Further, the coating provides surface optimization like better polishing, hardness and wearability.

Across every industry and market segment we work with optimization of industrial process applications where we strive to assist CTO’s, Process Engineers and Application Specialists looking for new solutions that can better ROI of the process plant/equipment – and COO, Production & Operations Managers who aims at increasing the operational productivity of the process line itself.

In short, we do quartz coating to improve industrial processes.