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New people in SiOx

SiOx team is growing fast …

Since 1st of July Asger Hvidtfeldt Boye has been working as Project Manager, with the responsebility to coordinate our research and commercial projects.

As of 1st of September Nicolai Strandy has joined os for a period of 5 month, as engineering intern – a part of his Engineering Bachelor degree.

The 15th of September Miss. Annemette Hindhede Jensen will join us as Materials Research Engineer. She comes with a Ph.D. in electrochemistry and materials science, and has resently been working on fuelcells and electrolyzers.

SiOx gets public funding for a project

SiOx has together with partners Alfa Laval, Elplatek and DTU mechanical engineering recieved a grant for the project “Quartz Coated Metal for Hygienic Applications”. The project runs for 3 years with a total budget af 15 mio. DKK. of which the grants covers 8 mio. DKK.

SiOx moving to new facilities

As of today SiOx has moved into new office facilities in Espergærde just north of Copenhagen. The facilities at the new address include newly equipped laboratory, offices and meeting room. The new facility is partly shared office with the company Elplatek working with advanced galvanic surface treatment within the telecom, medico and electronics industries. Therefore, both companies exspect to have mutual benefits of literally working very closely together. Only the address has been changed, all other contact details remain the same.