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SiOx NANOmel® Technology proves to improve cleanability of surfaces …

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SiOx moving to new facilities

As of today SiOx has moved into new office facilities in Espergærde just north of Copenhagen. The facilities at the new address include newly equipped laboratory, offices and meeting room. The new facility is partly shared office with the company Elplatek working with advanced galvanic surface treatment within the telecom, medico and electronics industries. Therefore, both companies exspect to have mutual benefits of literally working very closely together. Only the address has been changed, all other contact details remain the same.


Corrosive protection of 8011 aluminium alloy

8011 Aluminium

An example on how SiOx NANOmel technology protects a 8011 aluminium alloy against corrosive attack. The samples has been immersed 100 hours in a 5wt% Na Cl solution, followed by 120 hours in a 5wt% NaCl+0.08% hydrogen peroxide solution

On the left is shown the coated 8011 aluminium alloy protected from corrosive attack, while the attack on an uncoated reference is shown on the right.

Flexible & Bendable Glass-on-Metal Coating

Q: Can a glass coating be flexible and bendable without cracking?   A: YES, it can…

The Glass-on-Metal coating from SiOx is flexible, bendable, yet extreme strong and sturdy. Gives the unique properties of glass even in the toughest process application environments. Due to our NANOmel Technology.

Flexible, bendable Glass. Breaking News. Without cracking…




Unique properties for reduction of surface roughness …



The cracked surface is a thin metal layer applied on the glass for purpose of the SEM analysis.

Glass-on-Metal coating – By SiOx

See viscous drag of water droplets on stainless steel compared to same droplets on quartz coated stainless stain

Simple hands-on demo to illustrate the power of our Glass-on-Metal coating…


Unique surface properties

Right now we have focus on hygienic surfaces…

Have a look at the SEM photo to see the topology of stainless steel – ordinary stainless steel grade 316L (right) – compared to same substrate material with the unique SiOx quartz glass-on-metal coating (left)

Feel the difference ?


Great test results

At SiOx we have just proven that a quartz coated SAF Duplex stainless steel sample can withstand more than 6 hours of emersion in a 25% HCl-acid solution held at 90°C, without any measurable weightloss. Uncoated reference samples loose weight at a rate of 60 µg/hour. These results indicates that our Glass-on-Metal coating can improve the lifetime of components with more than 15% in very harsh environments. We are now moving into field testing of coated components deployed within oil & gas recovery.

Quartz coating – Strong & Sturdy…